How To Care
For Linen

The ultimate travel companion because of it light weight, drying time and
one of our favourite natural fibres is linen. The Luxurious fabric that you want
to wear every time summer rolls around. Breathable, light weight and flows
beautifully on the body, what is not to love?

Linen does have a bit of a bad reputation for being quite difficult to care for.
This summer textile loves to wrinkle and can be tricky to wash.

Here are our top tips for keeping your linen clothes fresh and fabulous!


Linen is quite a sturdy, natural material and will wash well whether it’s hand
washed or placed in the machine. Much like our other favourite fabric, cotton,
it does have a tendency to shrink. We suggest avoiding hot water and powerful
detergents. Wash with similar weighted garments with dye-free detergents.
The way that linen is structured, when overhanded it causes damage and the
garment will not keep its shape and colour.


As mentioned above, the drying time for linen is little to none because of its
structure. Be careful about exposing it to lots of heat – like dryers or direct
sunlight – as this is where shrinking can happen. Avoid using pegs or hangers
as this will imprint the dents straight on the garment. We suggest lay it down on
a towel or draped over a drying rack.


One of our top tips for you is that after you wash your garment, you should
iron it straight away before you dry it. This not only saves time, but by using a
medium heat it will avoid potentially shrinking your item all together. Another
way to keep that pressed look for longer is to use a starch spray straight after
ironing it. This will keep it looking crisp and beautiful all summer long.

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