Meet Charlene Davies.

Contemporary artist, Creative Director at Culturesse, influencer & model. 

I've always thought of myself as different. 

 I grew up in Shanghai and I always felt different as a citizen in China, as I think very differently to the way the majority do. In their eyes,

my fussiness is unnecessary and too overwhelming. So, I always felt restricted in some way. I did a degree in media communications and was told

I wouldn’t get a job at the TV station I’d been interning at because of “who” I was.In China, it appeared that who you know and who you are overide

your true capabilities. I didn't have any 'important' contacts at that time. As a result, I was told I would not get a secure

job in the area I was pursuing, which was quite disheartening.

How the idea behind Culturesse was born.

When I was travelling through a small town in France, I found a little boutique full of handmade clothes and jewellery. 

I loved the earrings but I do not have pierced ears so I couldn’t wear them. The owner told me she could convert them into clip-ons. I was so touched by 

this experience and it made me so happy, that when I returned home I told my husband “I am going to start a business selling earrings,

and I am going to have earrings for women across the world who do not have pierced ears.” 

I used to believe I wasn't artistic.

Since I was a young child, I was buried in the thought that I was not good at art.  When I moved to Australia in 2007, I discovered 

a hidden artistic talent through teaching children. I did a lot of drawing and painting with children and surprisingly discovered I could draw,

and the children loved it. Now, I put my illustrations on Instagram and get positive feedback for expressing myself in a simple and succinct way. It’s been a journey! 

How I discovered my personal style.  

My style is constantly evolving. It dramatically changed after I moved to Australia. Back then I was following a very stereotypical Asian style,

until a friend took me shopping. It gave me the inspiration to leap into the world of fashion and begin experimenting with different cuts,

colours and textures. I would try on lots of clothes and experiment through many styling wins and fails,and now I’ve found my style identity. It’s simple and

easy to wear. The fashion brands I like are Australian-made and have a good story to tell.

My must-have peice from Marco Polo A/W 19

I absolutely love the loose knit cardigan with the big buttons. It's very relaxed, down to earth and made me feel very comfortable 

in my own skin and in the environment. I like clothes that help me feel like this and it's how I feel when I wear Marco Polo.