Who wouldn’t love to combine their passion and their career? Luckily enough for Erin and

Lauren, travel and exploring the wonders of the world comes as both a luxury and a day job.

We unravelled their favourite places and top tips for the perfect holiday. 



How many countries have you been to? Any standouts? 

ERIN: I’ve been to 67 countries in five years! It’s hard to narrow down my favourite experiences! My kids never stop

talking about Christmas in Finland. They met Santa, rode husky sleds, enjoyed reindeer rides, decorated Christmas

trees with elves in the forest, and chased the Northern Lights on snowmobiles. For me, the standout was hot ballooning

at sunrise across Cappadocia in Turkey. The scenery is so otherworldly and romantic. Then there’s swimming with

whale sharks in the middle of the Caribbean, water-sliding through a shark tank in Dubai, and watching my 5-year

old abseiling down a cliff in Malta. But that’s just the start! 


Your dream is to never stop traveling, how do you push yourself to go out and explore the world? 

LAUREN: Travel shifts the way you think and it opens up your mind to new experiences. It really pushes you to explore

outside of your own bubble. I was age 26 when I was first went overseas. I knew I was meant to travel. Travel has

fundamentally changed me as a person, I’m not the person that I used to be. It started me on a mindfulness journey

that continues today, challenged all of my beliefs, made me more understanding and balanced and made me realise

the importance of doing things that scare you. 

A trip to Bali with a girlfriend changed everything. I absolutely loved my experience there and it became a catalyst for

change. When I got back, I decided I wanted in my life than just working hard to only go on one holiday a year –

I wanted to travel, I wanted more. I ended up leaving the relationship I was in at that time because we had different

dreams. I was being called to travel, so I decided to follow my gut and travelled overseas for three months. 

 wanted to follow my dream, so I quit my 15-year career as a chef, and being passionate about travel, photography

and social media, jumped into it. I knew I had to give it a go. The fear of failing was less than the fear of not having

tried and living with regret. 


If you could go to any international or national summer holiday destination, where would it be? 

ERIN: For somewhere in Australia, it would have to be the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. It has everything you need –

forest, beach escape, road-trip and nature - that’s perfect during summer. Not too hot, but warm enough to really get

in the water, which is what we Aussies love to do. For an international summer destination, for me it has to be Greece.

It’s about the islands, the history, the water, the food. The island of Kythnos is my favourite, it’s spectacular.  


What are you top places for an Australian getaway? 

LAUREN: Choosing between Australian locations is like choosing between my favourite children! I love every state for

different reasons. The Kimberley is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, for its remoteness and deep sense of our

indigenous history, its wilderness untouched and incredibly beautiful.

Uluru is very special. You feel it in your bones when you get there. Gold Coast is my home base, and I love being

so close to the beach. I’ve really fallen in love with Sydney, it’s such a beautiful city. I especially love shooting Vivid

Festival there, which is amazing. The Grampians and Mount Buffalo national parks in Victoria, as well as the food and

wine scene especially around Bright. People are friendly, it’s really fun and there’s just a good vibe there. Hobart is

great for the Salamanca Markets, the waterfront and MONA and my favourite festival in Australia, Dark Mofo. And in

the Adelaide Hills, Hahndorf is a quaint little German town there with German pubs and cafes. It’s great.  


If you could choose a favourite place in the world, where would it be and why? 

LAUREN: That would have to be Zimbabwe! It’s a country I’ve completely fallen in love with, and I embrace everything

about it. I get a deep sense of contentment when I’m there. My partner Emmanuel (aka Dreamboat) is Zimbabwean,

so we have family there and I’ve been visiting for eight years. I feel at home, present and happy there. This year, I ran

two sold-out tours to Zimbabwe to draw some tourism and also make a difference to protecting the wildlife with some

conservation groups who focus on anti-poaching. I really wanted to break some misconceptions of it being unsafe and

just bring awareness to it as a destination. The more people who go there and learn and spread the message, they

actually can make a difference to the endangered animals.



Must-have items for your summer holiday? 

ERIN: I wouldn’t leave without a sexy swimsuit, a big floppy hat and a colourful sarong. It wouldn’t be summer

vacation without these essentials. My holiday style is a bit more relaxed.

LAUREN: My camera, noise reduction headphones, a good jacket, denim shorts, my iPad loaded with books and movies.


What piece from the collection would you take on your next trip? 

LAUREN: The button pants! They were stylish, comfortable and perfect for travel! 

ERIN: My favourite item from the day is the Waterspot Tee, it reminds me of sunshine and is the perfect vacation top.