Meet Violet Grace. Positive, resilient and ambitious. Creative, blogger and lawyer who combined her two passions and co-convened the world’s first Fashion and IP law conference in Paris. Discover her story. 

What do you see when you look in the mirror? 

I don’t look at myself in terms of perfection or aesthetics. I see someone who’s still quite young, who’s striving to do as much as they can. Someone who is willing to give things a go- who is ambitious, can see the positivity in everything and says yes to every opportunity.

What events have shaped who you are today?

Its more achievements for me. Having the guts to go to law school and graduate, as well as my admission day, mean a lot to me as it represented a lot of hardwork. It shaped me because my family was so proud.

What are you most grateful for?

My family. I’m also grateful for my positive ‘yes’ attitude I think all my siblings have that attitude too. My parents are very inspiring- I was home-schooled so that was a bit different.

What are you most proud of?

When I was 21, I co-convened the world’s first fashion and IP law conference in Paris.I’d combined two things that I was extremely passionate about. We do that every year now- and I’m really proud of that. 

What’s the most important skill or tool any woman can have?

I think this is a really important skill – Reading a room and reading situations – learning to adapt to these different situations. Demeanour is really important.

What do the following words mean to you: 

Confidence: The ability to identify qualities or things that you’re good at. Capitalise on your strengths. Finding what your strengths are, then relying on that

Resilience: When your confidence falls through. Resilience should then be relied on to get you through

Self worth: Find your best and worst qualities, what you love about yourself. Your self worth is your basis. Your core values as a person and knowing you have them and can rely on them when things go wrong

Authenticity: Making sure you’re not trying to be someone else. Social media makes this hard and everything moves so quickly. Authenticity is the ability to see through that and not necessarily align with it. Be discerning. I like to think of myself as a brand. Am I the type of girl to do x, y, z and am I comfortable with that?