Meet The Muse | Zoe

Who are you?

My name is Zoe George, I'm a mother of two beautiful kids, and I live

life with a whole lot of energy and zest for fashion and beauty!

Meet The Muse | Zoe

Where did you grow up and how did that shape you?

I grew up in an ethnic home with strict parents. Whilst it shaped me to have an amazing

work ethic and be respectful, I feel it also suppressed my crazy until I was old enough to

have freedom and it's still not out of my system. That's why I like to express my wild side

through my fashion! I love bold colours and prints!

Meet The Muse | Zoe

What's your style inspiration?

I love classic clothes that suit my body shape. I don't follow trends just to be "in fashion".

I wear pieces that can be worn season after season, that are high quality and that

feel fabulous to wear!

Meet The Muse | Zoe

What's your favourite piece from Marco Polo?

I love my Long Sleeve Pin Stripe Shirt. I've had my eye on it for a while, and once I

received it I wouldn't take it off! It feels so soft, and is perfect for everyday wear.

What's a day in the life for you?

At the moment it's Groundhog Day in lockdown. Remote learning, snacks, play time

while I get my work done, more snacks, emails, get the kids more snacks, walk the dog,

cook dinner, showers, story time, prayers and then I relax with a show on TV. Longing for

dressing up and heading out again!

Meet The Muse | Zoe

When did you discover Marco Polo,

and what drew you to the brand?

I have known about the brand for years, and have loved their approach

to modern Australian fashion for all ages! I loved that the pieces were great

quality and a classic style

Meet The Muse | Zoe